I am a teacher of Biology at the High-School Battaglini in Taranto. I’m involved in “E-Lab for CLIL”, an innovative project based on the methodology of CLIL. I believe that new methodology may contribute to achieving language and scientific skills. My first lesson plan is directed to students of 3^D and the topic is:
Studying Life and ecosystems.

Students : 3rd year of high-school

Time : 20 h

Subject : Biology

Teaching aims
1. understanding the characteristics of living organisms and the role of water
2. understanding the photosynthesis which comes from the words synthesis and photo
3. understanding the energy and nutrient movement through ecosystems
4. applying the principles of ecology to the study of “Palude La Vela”, Nature Reserve.

1. The biochemical nature of cells
2. The role of water
3. Ecological community and the abiotic components

Focus studies
1. power point ( The ecosystem )
2. the properties of water
3. photos swamp ( excursion to The Nature Reserve Palude La Vela )

Teaching objectives
1. increasing debate skills
2. developing learner’s ability
3. finding information from various sources
4. stimulating creative thinking
5. promoting an inquisitory attitude towards sciences, curiosity and self discovery trough individual study and team work in and out of the classroom

Learning achievements

To know
1. the cells and biological molecules
2. energy transformation in cells
3. the three domains of life
4. glossary

To be able to
1. identify all forms of life in the ecosystem
2. distinguish between unicellular organisms and multicellular organisms
3. examine an ecosystem and testing the photosynthesis in the plant

To be proficient in
1. using a guide to identify organism living in the ecosystem Palude LA VELA of Taranto and managing the equipment to recognize the products of photosynthesis

Flipped class room, scientific models on the web, websites with animations, YouTube, cooperative-learning, mind-map

Worksheets, laboratory equipment

production of a power point on biodiversity life or a video on The Palude La Vela

Marcella Schirano