Olive oil is considered being Apulia  region's green gold. Italy is the second European olive oil producer after Spain and our region is the first one in  producing  it. Apulia manifactures almost 2 million tons of oil annually. Huge areas of olive groves are the backdrop of this land exposed to the sun, and bordered by the sea. The cultivation and care of olive trees, authentic monuments of nature, is a costum, a fine art with a long story. For this reason we'll try to learn more.

Scuola:  Liceo Statale “Archita”

Classi   3B/5B liceo delle Scienze Umane

Disciplina coinvolta  Scienze Naturali

Lingua straniera  Inglese


età:  17-19

livello di competenza nella  L2/LS:  A2/B1



  • biological macromolecules
  • lipids functions and classification
  • plants classification


  • reading a text
  • undestanding  a text
  • simple communication contexts

contenuti disciplinari

  • history of olive tree cultivation in South Italy
  • botanics of olive tree
  • olive oil production
  • olive oil chemistry and classification
  • olive oil health and cosmetic benefits
  • xylella fastidiosa problem



students will be able to illustrate the relationship between  our region and olive oil production; they will have to

  • find
  • select
  • organize
  • represent helpful informations to promote apulian olive oil on the English- speaking markets


students will improve their basic language communication skills

skills to be developed:

  • oral production
  • listening perception
  • interactive conversation


  • learning to learn
  • basic competences in science and technology
  • digital competence
  • sense of initiative and entrepreneurship


20 hours

Modello operativo

Managed by the Natural Sciences teacher

metodologia / modalità di lavoro

Tradizional lesson,  work  group, webquest   


Video, file audio, websites, woorksheets, laboratory equipment


Production of a power point or an infographic product (Picktochart.com)

 Rosa Grazia Porsia